What is Waltti?



The travel card in public transport is called Waltti. We envision that in the future Waltti will be the travel card used in all urban regions in Finland.

Similar tickets in different cities makes travel easier than before and public transport users will be able to use their Waltti travel cards in other regions as well.

Another benefit, besides the increased interoperability, is the versatile loading network. The Waltti travel card can be loaded at service points, on line, on board and at a ticket sales points all over the country.

The Waltti system has been developed by TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy, which is an IT services and procurements company owned jointly by the municipalities and the state. The company operates in over 20 key urban regions all over the country and in the area covered by the 9 Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment responsible for organising public transport in Finland.


Waltti travel card

The Waltti travel card facilitates daily travel. Using the service and paying fares is made easy.

Passengers can choose either a personal card or a multi-user card, according to preference. A personal card allows travel only by the card holder. Anybody can use a multi-user card and it is suited for joint use e.g. by families and companies. All ticket products may not necessarily be loaded into a multi-user card. Check any restrictions on the website for public transport in your region.

Personal data is stored on the personal card upon purchase. Personification of the travel card makes it possible to transfer value or a season ticket to a new card if the card has been lost. Business ID can also be stored on a multi-user travel card.

A fee is charged when the Waltti travel card is issued. The public transport authority in each region determines the fee.

The cities are able to order the Waltti travel card also according to their own visual identity.

Waltti ticket

A Waltti ticket (day ticket) will also be available. This alternative is convenient when when you travel rarely or several journeys are made in a day or within a couple of days. E.g. for tourists.

Single ticket

A single ticket is bought by paying the fare in cash on board. The validity time and zone are printed on the ticket.

Tickets/ticket products

A variety of season and value tickets can be loaded on Waltti. Season ticket: valid 30, 90 or 180 days or a calendar year. Period of validy starting from the first time the ticket is used.

Value ticket: the fare is subtracted from the value. The minimum amount of five of euros can be loaded onto the travel card. The value ticket can be used to pay the fare of another passenger.

Both a season and a value ticket can simultaneously be loaded onto the travel card. The period of validity starts from the first time the ticket is used.