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Hämeenlinna’s regional public transport covers Hämeenlinna, Janakkala and Hattula.

The Waltti travel card can be used on Hämeenlinna regional transport’s buses in zones A, B and C. The travel card can be used on city transport lines and regional transport lines.


You can purchase a Waltti travel card from the Waltti web shop or from the Kastelli service point. It is not possible to purchase only a travel card; you must also load a ticket product (season ticket, value ticket, or both) onto the card.

Available Waltti tickets: single tickets, value tickets, mobile tickets and HML region season tickets.

You can load the travel card using the Waltti web shop, at the Kastelli service point, or on board. Ticket prices are the same at all sales points, but service charges vary.

Service point


Wetterhoffinkatu 2
FI-13100 Hämeenlinna

03 621 3370