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Services for public transport operators and service providers

The majority of Waltti cities’ public transport services are organised through procurement from service providers in accordance with the EU’s public passenger transport services regulation and with legislation on procurement. The primary goal of tendering public transport is to provide a good public transport service with reasonable costs.

Another aim is to make it possible to put transport services out to tender fairly and to facilitate operators’ entry into the industry and their participation in competitive bidding.

We believe that a unified public transport package creates the preconditions for profitable business and its continuous development. It is possible for new business opportunities, service packages and innovations to be created in public transport.

Functional and effective public transport benefits society as a whole. An attractive service increases passenger numbers and allows for comprehensive and cost-effective trip chains.                            

What does the implementation of a ticketing system require from operators?

An operator’s vehicle system and the background system components it uses must meet the requirements of the Waltti ticketing and payment system and produce data that is important for the function of information services. Specifications, interface descriptions and quality requirements are available upon request from Waltti Solutions Oy (

We aim to make services possible

  • We support operators in Waltti cities with e.g. the procurement of sales equipment and with any questions they have concerning the production of traffic data.
  • We want to create interfaces for service providers (including MaaS providers) that allow for new services to be added to supplement the existing public transport solutions in Waltti cities.
  • We support service providers’ and authorities’ discussions whenever new services are planned for implementation.
  • In our own operations, we are open to new ideas and want to develop our systems so that they allow for the development of the public transport market.
  • We aim to productize our interface and provide an agile, controlled method of connecting to our systems.
  • We offer e.g. a ticketing and payment system, information system, and journey planner interfaces for services to use.