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The City of Mikkeli’s Waltti tickets are accepted on Mikkeli’s public transport buses, on Moppe service transport and on other Waltti transport in the Mikkeli region. You can use a City of Mikkeli Waltti ticket to travel on the ELY Centre’s Waltti transport and you can use the ELY Centre’s Waltti tickets on the City of Mikkeli’s Waltti transport. In addition, you can also use a Waltti card to travel between cities. Please check the city’s own website for further information.

The price of a ticket is determined based on the number of zones in a journey. For example, local transport area zones are A-B, regional transport zones are A-D.


You can purchase a Waltti travel card from the Waltti web shop or from Asiointipiste in the City of Mikkeli’s office building.

The available Waltti tickets are: single tickets, value tickets, and season tickets.

You can also load your travel card using the Waltti web shop, at Asiointipiste in the City of Mikkeli’s office building, using self-service ticket machines or on Waltti transport buses.

Service point

Asiointipiste, City of Mikkeli office, 1st floor
Maaherrankatu 9-11
FI-50100 Mikkeli

015 194 2100