In the Oulu region, the authority responsible for public transport is a regional public transport division that is part of the City of Oulu organisation. It is the decision-making body with regard to public transport in the region.

Pricing is based on the number of zones travelled through on a journey. A ticket is purchased for one or more zones. The zones are A-city, A (includes A-city), B, C and D.


You can purchase a Waltti travel card from the Waltti web shop, the Oulu10 service point, the Kiiminki Oulu10 point or the Haukipudas Oulu10 point.

The available Waltti tickets are: single tickets, day tickets, value tickets, season tickets and Waltti-mobile tickets. With the Waltti mobile app you can buy single tickets or daily tickets for zones of your choice. You can download the app from the app store on your iOS and Android phone.

You can also load your travel card using the Waltti web shop, at the Oulu10 service point, the Kiiminki Oulu10 point, the Haukipudas Oulu10 point or at selected R-kioski stores.

Sykkeli city bikes are at your disposal in Oulu. The season will finish at the end of October and the new season will start in May 2020. You can register as a city bike user at the address kaupunkipyorat.ouka.fi. When you register you will receive a personal cyclist ID and PIN code that you need to pick up a bike. Instead of a cyclist ID, you can also use your Waltti Travel Card and PIN for authentication. 

Service points

Oulu10 service point
Saaristonkatu 8
FI-90100 Oulu

Telephone: 08 558 558 00

Oulu10 point
Lempiniementie 2
FI-90900 Kiiminki

Oulu10 point
Jokelantie 1
FI-90830 Haukipudas