Kuopio Region Public Transport (VILKKU) organises public transport services for local Kuopio and Siilinjärvi transport. In addition, Waltti cards can be used on certain regional transport and market-based (please see Vilkku.kuopio.fi) transport, as well as transport organised in the Kuopio and Siilinjärvi area by the ELY Centre. An ELY-Centre Waltti card should be obtained for regular travel outside of the Kuopio Region Public Transport’s zones.

The area is divided into five zones (A-E). Movement within or through the zones determines the price of the tickets.


You can purchase a Waltti travel card from the Waltti web shop, service points, or Vilkku sales points.

The available Waltti tickets are: single tickets, day tickets, value tickets, and season tickets.

You can load the travel card using the Waltti web shop, at service points, at loading points, or on board.

Ticket prices are the same at all sales points, but service charges vary.

Service Point

Suokatu 42
FI-70110 Kuopio

0800 918 511 or
+358 (0)17 185 044