City bikes arrived in Oulu

Sykkeli city bikes were introduced on August 26, 2019. The season will finish at the end of October and the new season will start in May 2020. There are 60 city bike stations in the city and a total of 600 bicycles will be available.

You can register as a city bike user at the address When you register you will receive a personal cyclist ID and PIN code that you need to pick up a bike. Instead of a cyclist ID, you can also use your Waltti Travel Card and PIN for authentication. 

You can purchase a period of use for a day, week or for the whole season. The day use costs 5 euros, a week 10 euros and a season 20 euros. The first half hour of each bike ride is always free, regardless of the number of trips per day. If you exceed the time, you will be charged a small extra fee 1€ for every additional 30 minutes. The maximum time of use is five hours at a time.

You can pick up and drop off a bike at any station. The city bikes are meant mainly for short-term use and the included bike ride without additional fees is limited to 30 minutes to ensure that there are city bikes available.