Season tickets can also be paid by phone in Vaasa

Season tickets for Vaasa public transport can be paid for via the Waltti mobile application from 15 March 2021. The extension of mobile tickets applies to seasonal products, ie 30-day tickets for an adult or child. At the same time, the use of mobile tickets is expanding to service buses.

You can buy a mobile ticket through the Waltti mobile app, which can be downloaded to your phone from either the Google Play or App Store. Single tickets, daily tickets and 30-day season tickets for adults and children are available in Vaasa. The validity period of the mobile ticket starts from the moment of purchasing the ticket.

The mobile ticket must be purchased before the start of the trip and is read on the bus by showing the ticket on the phone screen to the reader device. Mobile products can only be used in Zone A and no student discount is available. The prices of seasonal products are the same as with the traditional Waltti card.

You can find more detailed instructions for using Waltti mobile at