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The Waltti webshop is being updated

The Waltti webshop is being updated

The aim of the update is to make the webshop clearer and more uniform. The update will simplify service paths and aims to meet the requirements of the accessibility directive so that as many different people as possible can easily use the Waltti webshop.

The new and improved Waltti webshop features plenty of familiar elements, but with new and improved features to make the shop easier to use. The new service will allow users to e.g. use various customer benefit products, such as commuter tickets, campaign code, order new cards, and use and edit their own information more extensively.

Not all features will be available right away, but they will be implemented in the coming weeks. Some translations may also be missing, but work is under way on them.

Customers can choose either to use the service without registering, or to register an account, which allows them access to all features of the Waltti webshop, as well as potential personal benefits. In addition, the new version accounts for use on different terminal devices.

Existing user credentials will remain the same, and all customer details will be transferred from the old webshop to the new one.

The structure and appearance of the new and improved Waltti webshop was designed by Agenda Helsinki and implemented by Sofokus Oy.