Waltti mobile ticket in use in Salo

It is now possible to use Waltti mobile ticket on Salo’s public transport. You can download the app from the app store on your iOS and Android phone.

You can buy a single ticket ticket and load it onto your phone. A single ticket for adults’ cost 3 € and for child (7-16v) 1,55 €. You can pay for the ticket by adding a payment card (Visa/Visa Electron or Mastercard), for which online payment has been enabled.

A single ticket is valid for 2h from the moment of purchase. The QR code and the remaining validity period are displayed on the ticket. Make sure that your ticket is on your phone before you get on the bus and show a valid ticket to the driver.

Waltti value and season tickets can also be used to travel on Salo’s public transport public transport because in June 2019 Salo introduced the Waltti ticketing and payment system.