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The first self-service ticket machines are now in use

Customers can use the self-service machines to load Waltti cards and purchase single tickets. You can also use the machines to check the balance on your travel card. The machines accept debit and credit cards. They do not accept cash.

You can use the ticket machines to load either a season product for your own region or a value onto your Waltti card. If you purchase a season ticket, you must also choose a zone. Seasons and value are loaded onto the card at the moment of purchase and are immediately available for use. You will receive a receipt for your purchase.

The machines can also be used to purchase single tickets, and in Turku, you can also purchase 1-14 day tourist tickets. When purchasing a ticket, choose the zones in which you intend to use the ticket. Single tickets are printed onto paper. Single tickets are valid from the moment of purchase. The validity time will be printed on the ticket.

Tickets purchased using the ticket machines are read on the bus just like other paper tickets; either show them to the driver or scan the QR code using the reader at the front of the bus.

Ticket machines will be coming to more cities in the near future, such as Oulu and Lahti.

You can check the public transport website for each region to see whether ticket machines are in use and where they are located.